1. To move EasyForYou to a new computer
    2. To add or modify the products quantities in your inventory
    3. To create a backup - Restoring a backup
    4. Is it possible to correct or erase a document that is closed?
    5. How do you begin an Invoice with #X? I have saved and sent out invoices and I would like to start with an Invoice number that follows in sequence with the last Invoice.
    6. In terms of the functionality's currently present, which ones will disappear within a month (depending on the frequency of use)?
    7. If a salesperson receives a commission on products sold, can the commission be calculated?
    8. Create your setup CD-ROM
    9. How do you install the software in a network ?
    10. Use of the printing modules of transport files
    11. Printing pictures that illustrate the products on the documents
    12. DECREASING PRICE SCALE for automatic calculation of product sales prices
    13. Product management by serial numbers
    14. Encoding hourly fees
    15. Export and import the products file (MDB)
    16. Classification of the documents to the passage of the new year
    17. Back-Order management
    18. Procedure to modify the file layoutmod.htm
    19. Parameterisation and using your barcode scanner.
    20. Several precautions to update successfully when using EasyForYou (on the network)
    21. Procedure to uninstall completely EasyForYou
    22. Setup E-Commerce
    23. Generate the Invoice Reminders
    24. Password for accessing the database (easywin.mdb)
    25. Instructions for sending your file easywin.mdb
    26. Instructions to receive your file easywin.mdb
    27. Possible parameter settings by INI Files
    28. Import-export data from Excel
    29. Manage the EcoTax or Deposit
    30. Import documents since of other software (E-Commerce)
    31. Windows 8, 7 Vista
    32. Products allocations management for suplier back-order
    33. Print labels
    34. Printing error -> res://ieframe.dll/preview.js
    35. Send documents From a Head Office to a Remote Store
    36. Generate PDF files
    37. Additional Fields variables
    38. Check the validity of a Fiscal or VAT number on the WEB
    39. Use EFY on multiple PCs via the Internet (only for single-user version).
    40. Rounding management for printing amounts including VAT
    41. Remote access via Internet
    42. Mobile Inventory Management and Billing Software for Android
    43. Setup Smtp Gmail